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Turn Your Career “On” To Success!


Turn Your Career “On” To Success!

As business professionals or leaders, we often naturally contemplate how we can turn our careers and businesses “on” with consistently successful outcomes and greater income realization over time.

This goal and journey is clearly defined by certain undeniable personal characteristics that distinguish outstanding performers from mere average performers. The difference between these two levels of career and business performance is all about “intangible qualities of separation” between modest success and unlimited achievement. Expect to be successful and you will be. Be courageous.

“Fortune Favors the Bold” -- Ancient Latin Proverb

Leaders Lead and Followers Follow

We bear sole responsibility for the quality of our career and life outcomes. Leaders turn their careers on to success via consistent perseverance, uncompromised execution and relentless adoption and pursuit of the following quintessential personal characteristics:

Positive Attitude: This is a universal characteristic of people who realize and enjoy sustained career success. This does not mean we have to be positive about every aspect of our lives during every moment of our lives. Rather, a positive attitude must be an overall pervasive force in our lives and in how we treat the people we encounter, the challenges we face and in the obstacles we overcome in order to achieve notable and rewarding business and personal results. A positive attitude is infectious and attracts others to us for our leadership.

Consistent High Performance: While no employee is perfect with every task they perform or in their interactions with every person they meet, people who realize and enjoy career success perform their work responsibilities at a high level on a consistent and dependable basis. As such, their reputation as a high level performer grows to be noticed, respected and valued over time. This is not about talent and capability. Rather, career and life success is about a consistent high level of “execution” against established business and personal goals and targets.

Lead Others to Success: Whether employed in a leadership role or in a staff role, people who realize and enjoy career success lead by example via their own high level of performance. They also encourage and help other members of their team to be successful in the execution of their work responsibilities. This is “natural leadership” and this will be noticed and rewarded in organizations over time. This quality is also true in our personal lives. Leaders lead and followers follow.

Network and Build Relationships: No one is successful alone. Rather, people who realize and enjoy career success are sincere, life long “relationship builders” [versus mere connectors] at work and in their personal lives. We enjoy greater career success when we truly care about our co-workers, our friends and our professional connections. When we consistently do so over time, we establish a solid reputation as a relationship builder who helps others to have more successful lives and we establish long term trusted and respected friendships. Relationship builders are more likely to be approached regarding career opportunities, be selected for promotions, earn more money during the course of their careers and have highly rewarding personal lives.

Take Wise Risks: No one is successful without taking a number of wise and intelligent risks in their career choices, business decisions and in the execution of their responsibilities. This same quality is true in our personal lives. If we spend our lives consistently seeking to mitigate our risks, we will stagnant, fail to achieve and possibly not know love and we will be alone. People who realize and enjoy career success and who consistently build relationships take intelligent risks based on their confidence, their drive and their desire to achieve career and life success.

We all possess the capability to execute and live our lives by these positive characteristics. Execute and deliver these characteristics on a consistent basis and you will enjoy greater career and life achievement and unlimited rewards.

Often, we need the mentorship, encouragement and guidance of an accomplished business leader, coach and career strategist to encourage us on our journey to “natural leadership” and career and life success.

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About the Author

As a former corporate executive and officer, a master certified career and executive coach and Chief Career Strategist, Bob understands that great leadership begins on the inside. He enjoys helping people discover and cultivate their potential through advice that is both practical and profound.

Bob Lovely

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