Small Business Coaching

Per the United States Department of Labor, 68% of all American businesses are considered to be “small businesses” and 30% of these businesses have 10 employees or less. Small business owners do not always have access to the business specialty resources of those afforded to large business concerns.

Based on the needs of your small business, coaching activities may include business strategy, market strategy, leadership development, employee selection, and retention strategies, and compensation strategy, and employment law. Additionally, Career Strategy Solutions maintains strategic partnerships with specialty providers in website development and presence, lead generation and sales funnel, and directing marketing initiatives.


Outsource Expert Consultant

The past six years I've had the pleasure of knowing Bob. He has not only been a Business Coach for me, my husband and son but one of my closest friends. He possesses the highest integrity, trust, and knowledge while possessing an incredible business acumen. Anytime I hear of friends and business associates wanting to better themselves and make a career change I never hesitate to recommend Bob. He's made a positive impact on my family's lives, I am blessed to know Bob!

Lisa Theiss ,

Principal Investigator

I’m a repeat customer! Starting in 2012, I worked with Bob over several years after I moved to the Kansas City area and was retooling my career from being a drug discovery research director in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bob coached me as I navigated to becoming a first-time entrepreneur, and his advice, as someone with first-hand experience in industrial corporate leadership roles, was invaluable. The real difference in working with Bob is that his coaching, approach, and advice are highly personalized: Bob takes into account the whole person and their circumstances, instead of dishing out canned advice from a binder as other career coaches often do. In 2018, I started working with Bob again as I began to design the third act of my career as both a full stack web developer and a second-time entrepreneur. I particularly prize how Bob challenges my assumptions and I am enjoying working with him on my new career journey. Highly recommended.

Patrick Kearney ,

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