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Introductions – Make Them Effective!


Introductions – Make Them Effective!

During a job search campaign, on a career journey and in business, introductions made by third parties via our network can make a very important contribution to the level of success we enjoy during a business career.

A successful career and business journey is built upon the quality of two major factors - achievement and relationships.

The quality of our human relationships drives our opportunity to acquire and achieve the right business settings for us. Without quality human relationships on our journey, the quality of our life and business career will typically fall short of our expectations, potential, talent and our needs.

The most effective networking introductions and referrals to us are highly personal in nature as they facilitate a real “human connection” versus the cold review via a sterile resume or faceless business card. The following represents the effectiveness of networking introductions to us in order from most effective to least effective:

Most Effective

  • In-Person Introduction: This is typically executed over coffee, breakfast or lunch via a mutual contact who arranges an in-person introduction by them. This is by far the most effective form of introduction to you because the targeted party gets to meet you in person via a trusted mutual connection. The focus is on the connection and how you can add value. However, based on busy schedules or geographic location, this form of introduction is not always possible.
  • E-Mail Introduction: This is an introduction whereby you are copied on the e-mail. Much like an in person introduction, there is a direct personal contact between interested parties and the focus is on the introduction of two people who should meet in order to determine mutual value via the connection. This method of introduction can be quite effective.

Least Effective

  • Blind Referral: A third party sends an e-mail to a targeted party and you are not copied on the email. Naturally, the targeted party focuses on what is written in the email as there is no actual human connection made with you. You may be contacted based on the quality of the relationship between the third party and the target of the introduction.
  • Blind Resume or Business Card Pass: Your resume or business card is “blindly passed” directly to a targeted person with only a short explanation from a third party as to the reason for the referral. While quite common, this is the least effective form of introduction because you are little more than just another resume or business card sitting on a desk to review or ponder. This is a “lazy” form of introduction and very little is actually accomplished on your behalf. Your chances of actually being contacted via this form of introduction are generally close to nil.

When you request an introduction via a mutual third party or a third party offers to make an introduction and advocate on your behalf, please instruct the third party to introduce you in person or via a direct email sent to all parties concerned.

This approach creates a greater sense of social “accountability” via the introduction process and the results will be far more effective on your behalf during your life and career.

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About the Author

As a former corporate executive and officer, a master certified career and executive coach and Chief Career Strategist, Bob understands that great leadership begins on the inside. He enjoys helping people discover and cultivate their potential through advice that is both practical and profound.

Bob Lovely

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