Corporate Outplacement

In the dynamic, fluid, and global nature of the present business climate companies can be subject to unexpected product and service consolidations, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, changes in ownership, changes in executive teams, and pandemics. These events can often result in an unavoidable reduction in employees and even key contributors to the organization.

As a wise and prudent business decision, companies want to ensure the affected employees are provided with professionally delivered “outplacement services.” Unfortunately, the big, global outplacement firms have largely transitioned their delivery programs to more generic “online” tools, resources, and even virtual coaching.

Career Strategy Solutions delivers all career transition services “in person” and all coaching activities are “custom-tailored” to the specific needs of each affected employee based on their coaching needs. Fees are fixed-rate programs based on length of service; one, three, six, and 12-month programs are available based on the commitment of the company.

Director of Product & Merchandising

Bob was a tremendous help in my networking, search, and negotiations. I enlisted Bob's help after he was highly recommended to me from a former colleague when my previous company relocated last year. coming from a company and career that I had spent over 13 years with, getting back into the networking game felt like a daunting task. With Bob's coaching, I was able to establish a great network, get out of my comfort zone, and create the next opportunity. He has a wealth of knowledge about potential opportunities in the area and a wonderful way of helping to navigate through change. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone looking to expand their network and create new opportunities for themselves in their career. Thank you, Bob!

Sara Carmean

Events & Administration Manager

Bob was a great help to me in my search for the next opportunity. He took the time to get to know me and understand my objectives and guided me on my path to achieving them. I had not conducted a job search for 25 years, so Bob was challenged with bringing me into the world of networking in its modern form. He helped me overcome my discomfort with the process and boosted my confidence. He was helpful with very tactical tasks such as updating my resume and LinkedIn profile, but also with my overall high-level, strategic approach. Bob was always accessible by phone or email and to meet in person. I always felt like I could go to him for advice in specific situations and never felt self-conscious about my naivety with the job search process. I consider him a teacher and trusted advisor. In the end, with much gratitude to Bob for his support, my search was successful and I landed a role that is perfect for me.

Tracy Lewandowski

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