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Career | Soar To New Heights In 2021!


Career | Soar To New Heights In 2021!

Published on January 7, 2020

We have embarked on a new year and a new chapter in our lives on our respective career journeys. 2020 holds promise as yet another dynamic year in business based upon a number economic indicators and geopolitical factors.

This will result in an “active” employment and business market with new career opportunities for those who are prepared, poised and ready to take advantage of these opportunities and for those who are well positioned to be discovered or promoted by companies as valuable talent.

In order to be well prepared and positioned for the anticipated dynamic business activity and career opportunities in 2020, there are a number of proactive steps you can take in your life, your career, your marketing and in your professional networking activity:

Avoid Complacency: It can be very easy for human beings to settle into a predictable routine in many aspects of their lives. At some level, we have all done this during our lives whereby we “plug in” and “plug out” of our work lives each day without much thought about where we are headed in our career. Complacency is the natural enemy of a successful and dynamic career. A healthy career mind set is that while we may presently be pleased with our present employment situation, we must also be “on the alert” for better opportunities and place ourselves in the position be discovered by prospective employers or our current employer as a viable and an attractive talent. As we should know well in the current market, our tenure with any employer is a relationship based upon “mutual convenience.”

Network: People who are well networked and who possess solid business relationships are far more likely to be approached regarding new opportunities, be considered for promotions, be seen as a solution to a business problem and earn more money over the course of their careers. Relationships matter in business and in life and you are responsible for building them in the pursuit of your career goals and your personal aspirations. Please actively network on LinkedIn, via other venues and in person with your professional connections.

Set Attainable Goals: It is important for us to set annual goals each year both professionally and personally. However, is not healthy for us to set goals that are obviously unobtainable. Rather, we should set realistic goals that require us to “reach, stretch and grow.” These goals should align with our dreams, aspirations and desires for accomplishments we sincerely want to achieve with a full understanding of the sacrifices we will need to make to realize our desired achievements.
Communicate Value: It is imperative for you to be well versed in the communication of your “value messages” at work, while networking, in social situations, during job interviews and in your LinkedIn profile. People will not naturally understand your value unless you tell them. You must be prepared to express how you can add value to companies based on real and tangible past performance “accomplishment statements.” Those who do so with confidence are far more likely to be hired or promoted and be seen as desirable talent in a competitive employment market. There is little reward for understated humility in a business career. Rather, being sincerely confident in your abilities is rewarded.
Stay Current: Whether you are in career transition or currently employed, it is important to be current with technology, skills and your knowledge base. You also need to stay up to date on emerging business trends, new products and services and even current events in the news. Knowledge and information can equal empowerment. Please choose empowerment in your life and in your career.

Build Your Brand: This is a career long endeavor as your brand is “fluid, dynamic and in a state of growth” as you naturally evolve during your career and life journey. Your brand naturally has more value when carefully crafted, well communicated and strategically marketed to your targeted audiences on LinkedIn, your personal and professional network, to your current employer, to prospective employers and with your own business. You must create your value in the marketplace.

Help Others: We can often help ourselves by helping others. Success and greatness is never truly achieved “alone on an island.” It is essential to surround ourselves with people who support, enhance and enrich our lives and it is equally important for us to discard those people who do not do so. Life is not a popularity contest. If we help others to achieve success and greatness in their lives, we will create the culture of receipt of the assistance we need from others during the course of our career and in the execution of our daily lives.

For you to enjoy a more productive life and realize greater career success in 2020 and beyond, you must be well prepared, strategically positioned and open to the “possibilities.”

A successful life and career is built upon our personal and professional growth via our accomplishments, learning valuable lessons from our mistakes or errors in judgment, the acceptance of new challenges, the contributions we make and by the quality of the relationships we naturally forge and sustain. Please prepare and position yourself to soar to new heights in 2020!

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About the Author

As a former corporate executive and officer, a master certified career and executive coach and Chief Career Strategist, Bob understands that great leadership begins on the inside. He enjoys helping people discover and cultivate their potential through advice that is both practical and profound.

Bob Lovely

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