Career Coaching

Career Coaching is a focused, personalized coaching activity for those individuals who are presently in “career transition” or who are presently working but potentially seeking a new and higher-level career opportunity. This activity can include professionals of any age group including new college graduates, or any level of career attainment in a corporate organizational structure at the Director level or below.

Based on your specific needs, coaching activities may include but are not limited to resume enhancement, LinkedIn profile optimization, job search strategy, direct marketing guide and strategy, career advancement strategy, business coaching, life coaching, interview preparation, mentoring, negotiation strategy, and onboarding initiatives.

Product Manager

I hired Bob to help me with not only a career transition but to be a mentor for me going forward into my next career. Bob has been incredible to work with! He has a remarkable talent for understanding people and takes his title as a career coach very seriously. He’s an excellent listener and was able to evaluate my strengths, and interests to create a plan that made sense for me. If you need someone to help position you for success in your job search, there is no one better.

Valerie Lyon 

Clinical Research Coordinator

Bob not only gave me the advice and coaching I needed but the confidence to enter the job market. He was a tremendous help to find a new career that I love. Bob is great with “millennials” and doesn’t discredit you or look down on you because of your generational title. I have and would recommend Bob to anyone.

Collin Gerringer

Finance Manager

Bob has instrumental in aligning my career goals and abilities with what the market for my talents should be. He has been extremely helpful in developing/coaching me with a networking plan for new business contacts/opportunities. I recommend anyone at any stage of their career to seek his knowledge. He has been a mentor who has set my compass straight in terms of what I have to offer, and what I should expect. He has been spot on in nearly every subject we have discussed. If you are a business professional, you understand the concept of investing in a 401K, in skills, abilities, and in team talent. My advice is to do yourself a favor and invest in YOURSELF; schedule a consultation call with Bob and follow his guidance. I am truly appreciative and fortunate to have had his council.

Jeremy Bauer

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