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Why Hire a Professional Coach?

A professional coach provides you with valuable knowledge that will help you develop both short-term and long-term goals, effective strategies and improve your career and business outcomes and ultimately, your earnings potential.

An effective coach will focus on your advancement and develop and align a sound strategy based on your career, financial, business and life goals regardless of your field of endeavor or business niche.

A professional coach is an engaged mentor with years of business and life experience who possesses a unique insight that will broaden your self awareness.

What to Expect From Your Initial Call

The initial call is to become acquainted and to learn more about your goals and for you to know more about your coaches' professional experience.

Professional coaching can feel like a blend of soul searching, consulting, confidence building, prep work, strategy and tactics. You will know what services are covered in a coaching program and your questions about your coaching journey will be answered.

Before the Call

Prior to your discussion, Bob will review your LinkedIn profile, professional history, and resume, if it's available.

During the Call

During the call we will discuss your specific needs and a chronology of goals to be achieved.

After the Call

Following our discussion, I will send you my fee structure and we will agree on a follow-up date.

We Recommend a Free Consultation Call

The vote among clients was unanimous, they agree that regarding their professional careers, calling Bob was the best decision they ever made. 

Business Marketing Manager

I have been a client of Bob's for several years and it is such a comfort knowing that when I need his guidance navigating the corporate world, he is there. Bob has also provided tools to assist me in my job search. And it wasn't just a typical "job search". Bob provided tools and guidance to help give me clear direction on a career path. Looking for a job can be humbling, but Bob turned it into an empowering process which made all the difference in my search and job choices. I cannot thank Bob enough for sharing his corporate wisdom throughout the years. I also consider Bob a friend that I respect and admire for the many he has so willingly helped!

Stacey Feld 

Events & Administration Manager

Bob was a great help to me in my search for the next opportunity. He took the time to get to know me and understand my objectives and guided me on my path to achieving them. I had not conducted a job search for 25 years, so Bob was challenged with bringing me into the world of networking in its modern form. He helped me overcome my discomfort with the process and boosted my confidence. He was helpful with very tactical tasks such as updating my resume and LinkedIn profile, but also with my overall high-level, strategic approach. Bob was always accessible by phone or email and to meet in person. I always felt like I could go to him for advice in specific situations and never felt self-conscious about my naivety with the job search process. I consider him a teacher and trusted advisor. In the end, with much gratitude to Bob for his support, my search was successful and I landed a role that is perfect for me.

Tracy Lewandowski

Risk Monitoring at FINRA

I was introduced to Bob by a friend, who had used Bob’s services and highly recommended him. Due to the sale of my employer to another company in 2015, my position was scheduled to be eliminated at the end of 2016. After an initial (productive!) meeting with Bob, we began working together. Bob and I would meet every three to four weeks in 2016 and 2017. Bob’s guidance was essential for me to successfully navigate the transition from my prior employer to successfully entering a new, great employment role in 2017. I heartily recommend Bob to anyone looking for career guidance, for job placement assistance and/or for leadership skills coaching.

Clifford Brandt Principal Analyst

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